Que tipos de datos usamos


In SatAgro you to see to what extent your farm is ready to implement precision treatments, as well as what data sets are uploaded for each field.

Modern technologies allow you to get a lot of information about our fields – their soil conditions, field condition, yielding. However, four categories of information are particularly important for introducing precision farming techniques to your farm:

  • satellite monitoring,
  • soil sampling results,
  • field management zones,
  • crop history.

In the Dashboard tab, you will find a section called «Precision treatment readiness». This progress bar shows how much of the data you have already integrated with your fields. This value is expressed in percentages, as an average across all your fields.

When you click the “Details” button, you will be redirected to a new view where you will be able to see which datasets are present for which fields. You will also be able to easily access other parts of SatAgro, such as the soil sampling planning module or crop history view. Clicking “Show additional” will display new columns with information about other datasets you can integrate with your account.